• Posdoctoral Studies (2005-2006)  Catalysis Laboratoire de Catalyze en Chimie Organique Université de Poitiers, Region Poitou-Charentes Francia, Convention NR. 05/ RPC-R-050. Prof. Nicolás Alonso-Vante
  • PH D (1998-2002)   Physico-chemical División de Estudios de Posgrado, Facultad de Química. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM. Dr. Arturo Fernández Madrigal
  • M. Sc.      (1995-1997)  Solar Energy Centro de Investigaciones en Energía CIE. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM
  • B. Sc. (1991-1995) Energy Engineering Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana UAM.

Nivel 2

  • Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico en Electroquímica CIDETEQ S. Since 2013 Postgraduate Sub-Director.
  • Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico en Electroquímica CIDETEQ S.C. (From September 2006) Research and Graduate Department, Titular Researcher B, leading to the Electrochemical Energy Systems Group (www.seqe.mx).
  • Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas, IIE. (April 2002 to 2006),Alternative Energy Division.Researcher in Non-Conventional Energy Department.


Renewable energy, Nanostructure Materials, Fuel cells, Electrolysis and Microfuel cells devices



National projects

  • Fondo investigación básica SEP-CONACYT-2006-61067

“Desarrollo de nano-materiales electrocatalíticos para celdas de combustible tipo LMMFC”.Coordinator.  Concluded

  • Fondo investigación básica SEP-CONACYT-2010- 154263

“Desarrollo de electrodos inorgánicos/orgánicos para su aplicación en Celdas de Combustible de Microfluidos a base de Glucosa y Glicerol (2011-2013)”. Coordinator. Concluded

  • Fomix-Chihuahua (CHIH-2009-C02-127461) CONACYT

“Desarrollo y aplicación de nanopartículas metálicas soportadas sobre nanotubos de carbón en un stack de micro celda de combustible” (2010-2012). Coordinator. Collaboration with Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados CIMAV, y el Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua. Concluded.

  • Fomix-Zacatecas (81728) CONACYT

“Interconexión de un sistema fotovoltaico y/o eólico con una celda regenerativa unificada, para electrificación rural” (2010-20012). Coordinator.


International projects 

  • Convocatoria  Conjunta de ANR-CONACYT 2011-163114 ($250,000 euros)

“Bio-celdas de combustible hibridas basadas en microfluídos. Colaboración entre UAQ, CIDETEQ, CIMAV, UAZ, Institut Européen Des Membranes, Institut Des Nanotechnologies De Lyon. (2011-2013). In process.

  • Bilateral CNR (Italy) – CONACYT (Mexico) CNR J000.382/2009.

“Estudio de sistemas para conversión y el almacenamiento de energía producida de fuentes de energía renovables” (2009-2011). Collaboration with Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico en Electroquímica CIDETEQ and CNR-ITAE Istituto Di Tecnologie Avanzate per L`Energia Nicola Giordano. Mexican Leader. In progress

  • Proyecto TRE-Tozzi (Italy)-CIDETEQ, Clave CIDETEQ 3049.

“Desarrollo de celdas regenerativas y electrodos bifuncionales” (15,000 euros por año), 2008-2013. Mexican Leader. In progress

  • Proyecto GICSERV 7, Convocatoria Nov 2010 a 150111, (NGG-247).  Centro de Investigación y desarrollo de electroquímica, Conacyt, México-Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica CNM, Barcelona, España. “Fabricación de micro pilas de combustible microfluídicas para la evaluación de nano materiales electrocatalíticos empleados para la oxidación de ácido fórmico y glucosa”. Mexican Leader. In progress.

More than 100 Scientific articles with impact factor
h index :    21
Citation more than 1000

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  • Member of the “Sistema Nacional de Investigadores”, since 2003. Level II since 2013. CONACYT (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología).
  • Member of Asociación Nacional de Ingenieros en Energía.
  • Member of Asociación Nacional de Energía Solar.
  • Founder Member and Tresaurer of the Sociedad Mexicana del Hidrogeno.
  • Scholarship of CONACYT in 1995 to 2001 for graduate studies.
  • Research stage in Universite de Poitiers, Poitiers France. June-July 2004. And Recherche Post-Doctoraux Support : La region Poitou-Chatentes France, Convention NR. 05/RPC-R-050, from 2005 to 2006.
  • Guest Professor in Istitute Di Tecnologie Avanzate Per L’Energia “Nicola Giordano”, Messina Italy. February-March 2007, September-November 2007, May-June 2008, October-November 2008 and October 2009.
  • Invited to candidature proposal “ENI AWARD 2010”, Prize section: The Renewable and Non-Conventional Energy.

In April 2002 Dr. Arriaga joint the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells group setting up a large project on hydrogen generation and in fuel cells and systems integration for the Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas (IIE). During his participation, he has conducted research & development activities in SPE (Solid Polymer electrolyte) electrolysis and PEM fuel Cells; his group has several prototype electrolysers and fuel cells. Arriaga has also led a small group in pursue of the integration of commercial equipment for a solar-hydrogen system, consisting of a PV arrangement and a 1m3 H2/hr SPE commercial Electrolyser (Hogen 40 Proton Energy Systems). He is also experienced in d.c. electrochemical and EIS techniques. He was an active member of the Mexican Hydrogen Society (MHS) and he was treasurer of such society. Since September 2006 joint to the fuel cell group of Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico en Electroquímica (Center of Research and Technological Development of Electrochemistry) where he is developing nano-structured electrocatalytic materials based in metallic nanoparticles supported in carbon nanotubes focused to their application in Direct alcohol fuel cells and micro membraneless fuel cells, which use liquid fuels as formic acid, ethylene-glycol or methanol. Also, he is studying the synthesis and characterization of Ir and Ru-based oxides and the synthesis of composite membranes with inorganic fillers for high temperature, both with applications in SPE water electrolysers.

Arriaga has directed and participated in several funded research projects based in the development of electrocatalytic and nanostructured materials and fuel cells or electrolysers prototypes focused to the hydrogen technology and efficient use of renewable energy systems (Conacyt 2006-61067; 2005-01-18975; ).

He currently has collaboration projects (Bilateral Project CNR-Conacyt 2009-2011) with CNR-ITAE (Messina, Italy), Tozzi Renewable Energy (Ravena, Italy), University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), Institut Européen des Membranes (Montpellier, France), Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica CNM Barcelona, España and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Arriaga is co-author of 100 international scientific publications (H index 21) with more than 1000 citations in the scientific literature. He has 4 patents in the electrochemical energy conversion systems. He has directed 5 M.Sc., and 6 Ph.D. dissertations. Actually he directs 5 Ph.D dissertations. He has been invited at national and International congress as “Invited Talk”: ISE (International Society of Electrochemistry), ECS (Electrochemical Society Meeting), Matecss Congress Canada, Material research Congress etc

  • (442) 211 6069
  • larriaga@cideteq.mx